Healing the Heart of America, Message from George Washington

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Greetings Friends, this communication holds the words of one of the founding fathers of our country, George Washington.  The vision he held for this country has carried us through to this moment in time, where we as a nation have the opportunity  to revisit our priorities, our destination and our dreams for the future.  If we simply let things be as they are, we may find the process, without our engagement ends in a place we had no intention of going.  So please take a moment to read and take this message to heart. He is asking something from each of us, something that is within our power to give.

I am a translator from other dimensions and planes of existence, and I was visited by George Washington on 3 occasions, twice recognized by other people.  The first was one day in the fall of 2010 when I was walking down the stairs behind my house as I showed a new friend the garden, she stopped and said, “that’s funny, George Washington is here”  I thought “hmm” not knowing quite what to do with that information.  

Then 3 days later I was at another friend’s house where the Rev. Hoyt Robinette was offering a group reading.  He communicates with the spirit world and has both messages he hears and pictures created from the spirit world in a sealed basket.  It was a group of about 20 people and as he progressed through the evening, answering while blindfolded, the questions person by person that had been written on papers that were given him.  He said “and I have George Washington here…” and proceeded to share a message.  George’s likeness- much like on the dollar bill, was placed on a card that was in the sealed basket.I realized then that George Washington wanted to communicate with me and when I returned home a few days later sat down and tuned into his energy to communicate with  George Washington himself. That message and our subsequent conversations make up this book that you hold.  

The third visit, was days later after I had communicated with him at four different sittings.  As I was explaining this exciting series to a friend in my kitchen I had a flash vision in my third eye of George Washington standing in my kitchen, in uniform with a tri-corner hat, as you might expect George Washington to look, and he was quite tall!  I said to my friend, “George Washington is here and he is tall!” 

The next day in the way of confirmation, another friend was in the kitchen and I had daydreamed that maybe I could hire someone to enact George Washington, an actor, to present this vision, and I asked my friend if he  knew any actors that could play George Washington? He replied  “do they have to be 6 foot 2?”  Which confirmed, yet a third time, to me that in fact |George Washington himself had been present in the kitchen and I couldn’t ignore this encounter.  He was asking for me to give voice for his vision for Healing the Heart of America.  So here you have it, I hope you will find inspiration and a renewed vision and commitment to the land we call America, our home.

Hope Ives Mauran

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A Vision for the Future: Healing the Heart of America By George Washington

I come to you as a founder, a leader and a visionary.The vision held for the United States of America –then and now was for a placeof spiritual freedom, individual responsibility and harmonious co-existence. A place where all could be sure they had the right to speech, education and a good day’s work.

Now this vision falters.  And the very Land feels the tremendous burden that all are not in tune with this vision.The dysfunction comes from the education that’s been given here.  Americans have an education that negates the value and importance of the very land that is beneath our feet.  Without this land, survival is not possible!  This land was hard fought for- and is now languishing- undervalued.

What is necessary for the people to see is this: not only must the land be re-claimed and attended, nature’s systems are suffering too.  The intrusion stems from the technology in use- it intrudes deeply into all levels of life.  On Earth and even in the stars above!

So what I ask of you now- as your forefather, fellow visionary and compatriot is to have your focus upon the healing of the heart of America.  The heart of a  country founded on spiritual principles that hold rights and freedom foremost.  The grandness of such a mission was unheard of in its time.  To lose this precious gem is not to be borne.What I, and many others ask of you is to symbolically take a stand.A warrior for peace can do no wrong (he’s on a rearing horse as he says this!)

There’s something that needs to happen:  it is Healing for the Earth.We need people and places willing to hold an energy of Love.Love for themselves, for the Earth, the people, and for the Land. In holding this focus and vision for Love much can be accomplished. Begin first with the land that you live upon, and then radiating outward in 10 mile grids.

*  *  *George Washington: When I cam into power as leader of troops and General and later President.  I was aligned with the spirit world.  Completely guided and encouraged from voices within.  Telling me where, when, and how of things.

When a group of people comes together to create a country such as this one, there is both an energetic template of creative energy and of course the physical one.  The physical one is the land that we live upon.  The energetic one is the concepts, the ideas, the beliefs, the love and emotion of the people as they do create in this way.  As the United States of America was examined /created to be a place of freedom foremost and liberty to express oneself freely and harmoniously living as one group of individuals sharing respectfully a land of great wealth and opportunity.

What has occurred to this land is phenomenal.  Much growth of industry and technology has occurred here, harmony abounds on so many levels between individuals and states and much of what has created here is GOOD.What must be corrected however is an omission or an errant tendency that has occurred and is occurring.  This is the tendency to lift oneself away from the earth, literally and figuratively as a people separated from the land.

The land here is a great land, it is fertile, lush and beautiful both available to farm and to visit other places. There is almost always something of beauty or merit in all places here.  The United States of America’s beauty has no country that can surpass it.

What is clear is that the land is not valued at its true worth, without the land there is no life.  Without a connection to the land there is little that the future may provide for people.  So the healing of the land and subsequently the healing of the people must come from within this land as well.  To assist the land to heal itself and the people to respond to the land healed is part of the work that must be done.  When the people rise up, and live as the land requires in reverence and sacred intent upon the land of God’s creation, then there are untold possibilities that are available to the world.

Not just this land but all lands will feel the benefit that this transformative process can offer.  The role of Americans is to lead the world to true freedom and autonomy, through unity in understanding that they are all One and one of each other.  Each one is as the next, in the true inner essence of the human being.  What holds a country from greatness is not valuing this part of all people.  What has come of late is the United States’ hubris on this account.  The United states has become superior, so that there is a discrepancy between the truth of who humans are, and what the country treats them, and causes of them.

So what is called for is a response to the situation that takes into account the fact, FACT that there is no equal in all the world of America.  The American spirit is indomitable (Unconquerable, courageous and bold).  The spirit searches, ever expanding to new heights of creation and movement beyond what is thought possible.  So that indomitable spirit is being called forth right now.  You and we are being asked to step forward as the American ideal, as the new patriots that would bring the earth to its healing and the human to spiritual maturity all with one simple act.  The prayer of thanks giving that offers a bridge to the land the place the people and the future.  

And here it is:

To the Land we give thanks, for the blessings that have come forth,

From her bosom an unfailing flow of sustaining good nurturance.

The nurturing energy of God’s great gifts unfolding are never in doubton the Land of our home.

So please join me now for a lover’s benediction,

To the Earth, to the Sky, to the Sun, and the Waters,

We hold this land sacred and ask your forgiveness,

That we may pour forth our love, and thus come on home.

What I would like to continue with is the way this may be done.The reunion with the Earth and the Land, must be done is a certain way to affect the greatest change.    To begin the land is a living being, an entity that sees, knows feels and such.  There is a chance in reuniting with her that the healing for both land and people can be great.

So ever more there is a question that hangs in the air:What is it that humanity is wanting?…… For this is what humanity will get.Are there ways humanity does not want this healing, and if that is so, there is no point in its enactment.

So first sit     and be still.

Next open to the Earth herself,  sense, feel, ask, and be open to hear her response.  She may say it in picture, in words, in song, in a falling     leaf, whatever it is, acknowledge her voice.  Thank her for her interaction with you.

Do this again the next day and the next and see what occurs.

Not knowing an outcome can be a blessing.  There is no scripted plan for this journey to the Land, there is only what each individual can do in their own still  place within to heal there own relationships with the land. That is the only grand thing that may be done here. It is really up to you.So seeing that, commit yourself to building this bridge of understanding.

We must find the will to heal the heart of American soil. The land present beneath the feet of those who call themselves Americans is the bedrock, the foundation of all health and life. The land is Sacred and calls for your commitment to daily interaction of gratitude and of thanksgiving.  Be sure to know that there is a place for everyone who is an American to find that connection and further embody the true healthy home that exists for all here.

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Update: October 5, 2011-  An invitation to visit  Mount Vernon

In Meditation today, George Washington invited me to visit his home Mount Vernon.  He appeared there in the garden, (I became instantly dressed in a long lace trimmed dress,) taking his offered arm we walked as he talked and shared.

He shared how the land had been fought for and paid for dearly with the blood of his friends, and men.  The blood of these men, consecrated the ground, creating a sacred land by their sacrifice for spiritual and physical freedom.  (I saw the blood spilling upon the ground, being soaked up.) The land was birthed to bring harmony, and sacred intent to the land and to life.  They fought so that no longer would there be an overbearing governments to determine what a man could do.  Their fight was so a person to live as they chose and as the land allowed.  The land is sacred, and we must see it as it is.

I felt the heart connection he had for the land, and how precious it was.  Not only as a resource and a source to sustain life but as a friend!  The land was a living energy that brought forth abundance to the people and the place called America.  As he shared from his heart, we walked in step, easily and so comfortably together as George Washington shared the intimacy of his connection and love for the land, and the sadness he feels at how the land is now treated and viewed.  Our intimacy in walking together mirroring the kind of intimacy with the land that he wished for us all.

His visit, and invitation to walk in the garden with him, hit home for me, at an emotional level, even at a sensory level, in a full way, how important his message is for us all, and how dearly won our freedom is today, and how far we live from true connection with the land we walk upon each day.

Hope Ives Mauran