Emotional Transformation is a simple practice that harnesses the creative energy inherent in your emotions and focuses it to create for you. By becoming aware of your emotions, thoughts, attitude, words and actions, you learn the language of creation, which can help you to create what you desire in your life, your community and on the Earth.

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    Emotional Transformation/ Learn the Language of Creation 45 minute audio that includes tracks:


    Emotions Create/ the Universe Responds

    Life Examples

    How to do it

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    Fine Tuning

    The Pyramid Connection

    The Law of Unintended Consequences


    Guided Meditation - Like a Bulb of a Flower


  • Learn Emotional Transformation

    I hope you enjoy and find many ways to use this instructional CD on Emotional Transformation.


    Gather a group, meet 3 times. Creating as a group amplifies your emotional energy.


    A group that learns, practices and masters the method is most effective.


    The gatherings may last for 1 to 2 hours depending on the number of participants.

  • First Meeting

    Play the 1/2 hour instructional CD : Emotional Transformation -The Practice -, which teaches you how to emotionally transform, whatever you choose to use it on.

    You may meditate for 10 minutes if you wish, if the group is very centered and relaxed after the tape, just move on to practicing Emotional Transformation together.

    Step One: Set your intention to create for the good of the whole, as a group, out loud or individually in silence.

    Steps Two and Three: Give everyone present the opportunity to create with the group around their own issue, if time permits.

    One person's desired emotion and topic are called up by everyone and applied to the individual's issue by all. For example someone is having a difficult time with their parents, call up the desired emotion (ease, harmony, trust) and place it around the person and their parents.

    ***A group gathering with intention is a powerful creative container. Say only in general terms what you wish to create around. Talking about the details of WHY you wish to create around a topic amplifies those things you do not wish to empower. Keep it very general.

    Or if someone has an adversarial business meeting coming up, call up an emotion of trust, and ease and place it around the participants in the meeting.

    Give everyone present the opportunity to create with the group around global issues of special concern to them. For example, have everyone call up the emotion of joy and place it around the Earth herself. Or call up the emotion of Love and send it to all the leaders of all countries in the world. Or call up the emotions of love and security and place them around the children of the Earth.

    Practice Emotional Transformation as much as possible before the next meeting.

    Second Meeting

    A 10 minute guided meditation to assist you to be a conscious creator, is available for audio downloading or in print on the website. If you have access to this you may use it, or you may meditate, or just sit with eyes closed for 10 minutes. Creating with wisdom and clarity requires you to be centered and calm.

    (Optional) Share your experiences in using Emotional Transformation. You don't wish to monitor things you are creating on, but some pleasant surprises may have come to you as a result of this practice, feel free to share them here.

    Read and discuss the First 3 Accelerators, the things that can empower your creative ability:

    1) Gather to create as a group. Creating together as a group is empowering, for you feel the amplifier effect. Creating is about energy, many people focused in the same direction are a powerful vehicle for creation and change.

    "Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. It is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead

    2) Call upon your Ancestors and your Descendants.

    Emotions, thoughts and attitude are all things you cannot touch. Creation comes from the non physical world, from timelessness; In this place your ancestors and descendants are all available to you. Call upon them to empower you to fulfill your dreams, they stand ready to assist you when asked. Try it. Call upon them silently (or out loud).

    3) Call upon the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Conscious Creators. There are others out there with wisdom and experience doing this too. Why reinvent the wheel? Intend that you are connected to those already creating in this way to assist you. When you create for the good of the whole, you can tap into this abundant wellspring of energy and experience.

    Set your intention to "create for the good of the whole", as a group or individually.

    Afterwards the group may work for each other on individual and global issues. In the same way that was done at the first meeting. ****A group gathering with intention is a powerful creative container. Describe in general terms what you wish to create around. Do not enumerate problems, or difficulties when you describe your topic or issue. It amplifies those things you do not wish to empower.****

    Practice Emotional Transformation as much as possible before the next meeting.

    Third Meeting

    Meditate using the guided meditation or sit quietly for 10 minutes or more.

    Share your experiences using Emotional Transformation. Are you now aware of situations in the past where you used your emotions to create prior to learning this method?

    Read and discuss the Second 3 Accelerators, the things that can empower or limit your creative ability.

    4) Clarity of Intention. Set your intention often and you are more likely to achieve your goals. As you go through your day set intention whenever you shift to doing something different.

    When you know where you would like to be( emotionally speaking), the chances of getting there are greater.

    5) Worthiness to Receive, at the deepest level of your being. Are you carrying bits of your past around with you? Are there things you wish you had or had not done? Do you feel guilt, worry and fear?

    Free your energy to create by not leaving unfinished emotional business as you go through your day, and by resolving old business that you have been carrying with you.

    6) Acceptance of what is happening in your life in the present moment. It doesn't mean you agree with what is happening, but not resisting frees up your energy to create what you do want. Resistance to what is happening takes up energy! Accept what is and create anew. There are parts of life you can control and parts that feel like they are out of your control. When you empower yourself to choose your emotions, thoughts and attitude, you become energetically stronger. Freeing more of your energy for creation of what you do want. Your life shifts for the better in those areas that seemed beyond your control before.

    Set your intention to "create for the good of the whole", as a group or individually.

    Afterwards the group may work together to create consciously on individual or group topics as you did in the previous meetings.

    If you have practiced Emotional Transformation, you are now the expert. If you haven't used it yet, start now, what are you waiting for? Continue by hosting your own group(s) in this way, it is a powerful way to create more effectively, and to practice yourself . It is also how this practice will grow, creating a wave of positive emotion and energy to transform your life, humanity and the Earth herself.

  • Web 1 Creation Circle

    Create as a group, in your own time and space.

    Listing of topics to create for using Emotional Transformation submitted by Conscious Creators around the world.

    [submit form is under construction; please e-mail us]


    READ and CREATE with and for OTHERS...

    Quote: Perfect laws create all things- when things are created there can be no judgment of them for the laws are perfect and in response to humanity's thoughts. Physical things are the result of thoughts that were frequent, powerful, magnetic and clear (without resistance). Priority and ability aligned with intention and thought. This is a listing of the desired emotion and the topic that it is to be created around. Thank you for adding your potent creative energy to bettering our world and the lives of others. Always for the good of the whole. 1. 2. I have purposefully not put a tally here of times things are created, with the awareness that in creation releasing the outcome is as important a step as creating consciously.
  • Accelerators

    Volume One taught you The Practice of Emotional Transformation. The three simple steps, Set your intention to create for the good of all, call up an emotion, and lay it around something. That can transform your feelings in the present moment and plant the seed of your desired emotion in the future.

    Volume Two is about The Accelerators: those things that enhance your ability to create consciously. These are the 9 Accelerators, that are available thus far. Three have been added since the CD insert was written.


    The First three are energy multipliers:

    1. Work together as a group

    2. Your ancestors and the descendants

    3. The brotherhood and sisterhood of conscious creators.


    The Second three clear energy blockages:

    2. Clarity of Intention

    3. Worthiness to receive

    4. Acceptance of what is


    The Third Three make your creations happen more swiftly:

    5. Right Work

    6. Clear Connection

    7. Understanding the Laws


    Energy comes before matter. Creation begins in the non-physical world; the world of energy, imagination and emotion, these are things you can not touch. Creation begins in this place and the physical world follows and forms itself of the energy realm that preceded it. You may steer, mold, enhance and empower the energy of creation, to bring into your life the physical results of that which you have created through energy.

    Being able to focus as much clear energy toward creating what you desire in emotional terms is the bottom line.

  • 1. Work Together as a Group

    Groups are the most powerful accelerator in creating with emotion, shared intention and focus, can powerfully enhance your creative ability.

    You can practice together, first working as a group to assist the individuals with their important issues and also work together on larger issues in your community, country and on the earth.

    Form a Group of conscious Creators: Share the gift of learning how to create consciously. Gather a group and Meet Three Times (link) and do Emotional Transformation together. Your ability and effectiveness will build with each meeting.

    This practice is best used when you meet as a group three times, to assist each other to learn, perfect and practice Emotional Transformation together. These materials are designed to make that easy for you. The booklet on Emotional Transformation outlines what to do at each meeting which may last for one to 11/2 hours, depending on how many people are present. It is a great way to gather your friends and turbo charge your creation.

    Ask that each participant teaches this to another group as well, so that the work is ever expanding, and in teaching- you learn yourself.

    2. The Ancestors and the Descendants

    Call upon them to assist you. They stand with you, ready to assist you on your journey, for your journey is their journey. Your ancestors' goals and their creations are what you live with in this physical environment, their energy brought you where you are today to some degree.

    Your descendants may also be with you in spirit. Your creations through emotion, thought and deed, lay the groundwork for their lives. You are building or stripping the soil that their tree of life grows in. Their ability to grow fruits lays in the fertility of the soil you create.

    Call upon them from the place of timelessness, in the world of energy and they will assist and empower you. Creation comes from the world of the non physical, it is also a world of timelessness. In this realm your ancestors and your descendants may all be present to you.

    I picture the energy of my ancestors and descendants in my mind in this way. I see in my mind's eye knights suited in armor, sitting on beautiful white horses, huge and powerful. They are lined up, as if to charge into battle. So many you can't count them all. The horses paw the ground restless and ready, just waiting for my orders. My clear intent, my readiness to create and to receive. It is my job to point the way, it is their joy to help to power me there. Conjure up a picture of your ancestors' and descendants' power and call upon it whenever you need it.

    3. The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Conscious Creators

    Call upon the others doing this and similar work, to empower your creation. Remember this is energy that we are working with. Why not build upon the energy already present in the universe for the ends that we desire? When we create for the good of all humanity, for example on the topic of the Earth's children, calling up joy, and safety for them, we can enhance this by having accessed the energy that has been sent to this end by others as well. In addition when you intend that you are connected to those who already know how to create consciously, you may learn from them directly.

    All time and all place is now, what has gone before and what will come may be accessed now. Call up the energy of the sisterhood and brotherhood of conscious creators to assist your Emotional Transformation practice.

    4. Clarity of Intention

    If we are clear in our intent, and if we set an intention before doing things we are more likely to achieve them. So set your intention over and over as you go through your day.

    Are we giving mixed signals to the universe about what we want in life? For example if before a meeting, at the start of your day, or in difficult situations, if you intend for a certain emotional outcome, you will be one step closer to getting what you desire from that situation. If you aren't clear about what you want to achieve in emotional terms, then it is hard for the universe to create the outcome you desire. Intention and clarity are hugely important and desirable, they assist the universe to understand exactly what it is you are choosing to create. You give the universe clean and sharp tools to create your life with, when you are clear in your intention and your motivation.

    The intention that our creations and our actions be for the highest and best good, step one of the Emotional Transformation process is a powerful factor in creation. Becoming responsible to the whole, is just common sense, as we observe how we truly are connected now, by the web of communication, and by our shared life on Earth.

    Observe the feeling within you as you intend to create for the good of all, do you notice a shift? A dropping away of a level of fear? Whatever we can do to confirm our interconnectedness makes us feel good.

    If this seems to limit our freedom, all we must do is think of the Earth that our children and grandchildren will inhabit, and realize, that it is our privilege to live here on this beautiful planet, and intending that all benefit from our actions, not only leaves a healthy planet to future generations but it will significantly improve our own quality of life as well. Each of us holds the power to be a catalyst for change, to choose to move differently in the world.

    It is also one way to expand your worthiness to receive, which is the next accelerator.

    5.Worthiness to receive

    When we broaden our desires beyond just the good of our self, our family or our tribe, to the good of the whole, our sense of worthiness expands in the same measure. This is worthiness at a deep level, at the level of your spirit or at the level of the observer of your life and actions.

    Some teachings speak of karma, this is the same idea, the tally you keep of your life's deeds good and bad. Your ability to forgive yourself, forgive others, make amends and move on also affects your worthiness factor as well.

    In creation, you only allow yourself to receive that which you feel worthy of receiving. If you desire to create a wonderful relationship, but realize that you don't feel worthy of attracting a desirable mate, then you will have difficulty creating what you want.

    As you go through life, try not to leave any unfinished business in your wake. Are you carrying bits of your past around with you? Sins of omission or commission? Regrets or worries? In other words clean up your past relationships so that you feel that if you died today all would be in order. If your energy drains into your past experiences and actions and your energy is not fully present. Free your energy to create by not leaving unfinished emotional business as you go through your day.

    This leads us to Acceptance the next factor.

    6. Acceptance of what is

    Acceptance of what is happening in your life in the present moment. When we accept what is going on in our life, it doesn't mean we have to agree with it, it means we are not fighting or resisting it. Acceptance is not choosing to operate from the realm of negativity. We are working with the tools we have available right now, in this moment of time, in a positive frame of mind. Acceptance grounds you in the present moment, and releases huge amounts of your energy for creation. When you resist what is happening, or complain about what is happening, you drain your energy. Energy that can be best used to create what you do want in life.

    Honor all that is in your life, for it is a perfect creation. Embrace it, know that the work at hand is to do just that. Embrace what you have created, while honoring your ability to create. Never seeing what might have been or what might be, just what is.

    Try replacing the word "problem" in you vocabulary with the word "opportunity" All things that happen in the world of a conscious creator are opportunities, opportunities to see things differently, to adjust how we are creating, to observe what we have called forth.

    When you observe the creative power of Emotional Transformation you realize that worrying is counter productive. When you worry you call up an emotion you don't want and place it around an issue or problem you have, almost in the same way being taught here. This draws what you fear to you, and creates more worry!

    When you have really big issues in your life, this can be the key that unlocks the door to new opportunities, solutions and perspectives.

    7. Right Work

    The real issue for humans is often not how shall I find the time, but what shall I do that is a meaningful pastime. There are many choices for humans and the choices abound, but they are hollow choices in truth and this humanity sees, yet knows not the avenues to find the choices of merit and satisfaction. The method of Emotional Transformation will assist those who desire it, to find the pastimes of merit, true worth and satisfaction. This is the greatest gift.

    This is the holy grail of Earthly life and living: The pursuit and capture of pastimes that satisfy the deepest cravings of the human for meaning, satisfaction and love on this Earth.

    When one practices precisely what their deepest desire is, their ability to manifest or create with the shortest amount of time elapsed is enhanced.

    It's about a whole other level of truth in your life. E motional Transformation is not about masking poor choices with smiles and joy. It's about finding and connection with your self at a deep level. Uncovering the deep satisfying work you desire, finding the gift that you can give to the world, that no one else can do quite like you can.

    Right work is the moving energy of deepest satisfaction. For all people it will look different, it is about deep satisfaction and this gifting of themselves to the world. There is no rule about what this looks like. It is an emotional description not a spiritual and physical actuality. It entails one's connection to their spirit's guidance in a way that is not uncommon, but to truly do this work often takes some courage and willingness to risk that other work doesn't require. This is where the deep satisfaction comes in for you realize that not just anything could give you this depth of satisfaction and this adds to the measure of worth that results for you in doing this thing.

    8. Clarity of Vision and Body

    When your body is clean and clear of life's toxins, the detritus of living on the Earthly planes, then you may hear your inner guidance and wisdom more easily to steer you toward this satisfaction in work, this right work.

    So this factor we would call the clear connection, people often do not know why it is important to keep the body healthy and clean in food and pastimes, because... there is no other antennae to connect you to the Universe with. Your body is what connects you to the universal beat and rhythm. The substance of the Earth is drawn to that which it is alike. So as you progressively densify or add toxins to your body through wrong eating or toxic thought and work, you make this connection and hence the time of manifestation longer. Because the antennae is covered with mud, sticks and debris, of a very Earth bound and dense origin.

    It is like putting mud and dirt on a fine piece of machinery. It can damage it for life. But care and patience and diligence can clean it up. It requires the focus and clarity of intent.

    And that is why the clear connection is another factor in the ability to create as one desires.

    9. Understanding the Laws that are in Action

    Understanding of what goes on, and how and why. This is what helps one to learn the ropes so to speak. If you are initiated into a new way of seeing the world and you don't know and Understand the laws that are in action, there is little use to this perspective. So we say that understanding is critical to the further enactment of this ability to manifest or create.


    Connections are what creation is about. These accelerators can help you connect to your creative ability, while assisting you to access your co-creative energies.

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