A Healing Bed lies on top of or is dug into the ground. Lying flat, we relax and receive the Earth's healing energies being cradled in the safe womb of Earth Mother.


    The same energy that renews our body, mind and spirit when we are out in nature, is present in The Healing Bed. We are all made of the elements of the Earth, we are part of the Earth's natural intelligence system, intercommunicating with all life and embedded in nature. A Healing Bed focuses the natural Earth energies helping us to reset ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually... and recalibrate to nature. Staying attuned to nature and our own inner knowing

    is part of the Healing Bed's gift.


    Created with a ceremony of respect for the Earth & the intention to work in harmony with nature, a Healing Bed is a place for healing, cleansing and raising one's frequency. It may grow in its healing energy over time, a result of the partnership and communication occuring while in use. A wise woman said once: "a hole seeks to be filled" and The Healing Bed may be drawing a steady flow of energy to that end. This movement may be what makes it effective, and what also makes it's location important; a place hidden from casual viewing is best.


    Results of using The Healing Bed have included weight loss, dietary changes, stress reduction, mental clarity, greater focus and a desire to exercise more fully.


    Stepping into a Healing Bed and lying down is different from anything else we have ever done. It's kind of exciting, because we confront our fear of death in lying under ground level. It's like we are returning home, where we can let everything go, and be held like a child.


    Inside The Healing Bed:

    We feel a calm that is comforting on a deep level, after a few minutes of relaxing a deep full breath of relief comes to our body. We feel very secure, protected and cradled, as we would in a Mother's arms.

    Emotional and physical blockages may open up, accessing levels of our self that are out of balance,

    energy may move through us. Gratitude, expansiveness, self acceptance and self compassion may come more easily in this gentle space.


    Staying focused upon the feeling of "you" in the body is important because. this is about bringing our greatest potential into embodiment. Staying connected with our bodies is important and may translate into stronger intuition, healthier eating, more exercise, and a reclaimed vitality through physical connection to the natural world.


    Our current lifestyles, in cities, and in man-made spaces can let our psychological and emotional connection to the Earth go dormant. People who use it once want to use it again. It feels good, and they see results from its use. The Healing Bed gives us something we need and don't get anywhere else. People say it feels like home, which is where we go instinctually to heal.


    We can enhance the process of using The Healing Bed by setting our INTENTION to heal, by keeping our frequency high and instructing our body on what we need it to do. This may mean changing our behavior, which may be easier through the use of The Healing Bed.





    Anyone who, spends much of their time inside will find it useful.

    Children especially love the Healing Bed, they "get it" without needing any explanations or words.

    It is called a Healing Bed, and has healing potential for all people, not just those who are facing a challenge, and yet no studies have been done to support this claim.


    The Healing Bed will enhance whatever we are doing already to heal ourselves and isn't meant to replace any treatment we are receiving from a medical doctor, psychiatrist or spiritual counselor.

    While researching The Healing Bed, I came across Warren Grossman's book To Be Healed By The Earth, in which he shares his story of being told to go home to die because modern medicine couldn't help him any further, he went home, lay down upon the Earth and healed.


    The Healing Bed is a potential resource for all conditions that are a mystery to modern science. It is still new and needs to be used by more people to understand fully its effect and benefits.


    Our body's condition, and where we lie on the Earth hold the key to how we are affected by the Earth's energies. anyone may benefit from its use. It is not a drastic intervention, it is a gentle reminder of who we are and from whence we have come at the physical level.


    Our body, mind and spirit receive the energy and naturally receive it where it is needed most, allowing the inherent balance and healing forces of the body to work more effectively. It's kind of like a reset button back to nature!



    If you are extremely weak and sick you should consult your doctor before using The Healing Bed.


  • When and How Long Do You Lie in it?


    Basically what you are creating is a personal greenhouse that allows you to be comfortable in all weather

    A cover keeps the bed dry . It is important that the cover allow light into the bed, and that the bed have ventilation or it becomes too damp. The Earth must be able to breath. The cover can be made of a wood frame with metal or fiberglass arches, which are then draped with a bug screen and a vinyl cover that may be removed. A cover of pvc piping, may also be created.

    An opaque cover is desirable if the bed is near the house and is very deep. As you look upon the bed you send your energy to it, and so an opaque cover will protect you from undue energy loss over time.

    Why not just lie down on top of the Earth?


    Go ahead, it's a great idea, create a habit of lying down on the Earth and you will change your life. When the Healing Bed is on top of the earth, the cover lies on the ground, anchored on one side so it may be easily opened and closed. Keeping the Healing Bed in one location, accumulates in that location the healing energies that are called forth by its use. Its visual presence also reminds you to go outside and lie down! In fact it's a great way to start, just put the cover on top of the Earth. Lying down in the Earth is not for everyone, yet everyone can benefit from accessing the Earth's energies. Dig down and create a deeper bed if you get the urge to after lying on the Earth for awhile.

    Is the Earth's energy different once you dig down?

    Yes, the Earth's energy is clearer, and less burdened by previous human activity on that site, assuming the ground you lie in has been undisturbed.

    When you lie down IN the earth, you feel safe, and secure in a way that you don't feel on top of the earth, and are able to relax and to receive more deeply. In this safe zone, you allow yourself to open and receive more fully.

    When you choose to dig down 6 , 12 or 18 inches, it requires a wood frame of 2x6 inch lumber to hold the Earth in place. The exposed Earth below the frame may be lined with additional wood, sod, mud, rocks or gravel. You decide what to line it with given your site, the materials at hand, the climate and your desires.

    The same thing that makes the Healing Bed effective can make it a hazard wrongly placed. Be aware of your feng shui in placing your Healing Bed on your property, it should not be right next to the house if it is a full 18 inches deep. Energetically a hole wants to be filled and the Healing Bed may draw energy from the surrounding area and its inhabitants if it is within easy site of the house. It is best to place deeper beds in more secluded locations, and use on the ground or shallow beds near the house.

    Finding a Good Site

    A desirable site is:

    • well drained, with a slight pitch
    • previously undisturbed,
    • has good sunlight/ shade balance,
    • is private enough for complete relaxation,
    • has a north south orientation,
    • and most importantly it feels good to lie down there.

    The Earth has great variety, and energetically some sites may not be suitable for a Healing Bed. Its relationship to your house and other features is also important. The creation of a Healing Bed which is dug into the Earth may affect the energy flow of the house, and those people who routinely are around it. Knowing which corner of the property you are affecting in feng shui terms is also important. The thing that makes a Healing Bed effective, its ability to move energy, may also be a negative factor if the bed is poorly placed. The bed should be well hidden so you aren't looking at it freely and draining your energy into it during the day. Your intuition and gut feel, are your best guides to sighting your Healing Bed.

    How do you make one?

    Basically what you are creating is a personal greenhouse that allows you to be comfortable in all weather

    A cover keeps the bed dry . It is important that the cover allow light into the bed, and that the bed have ventilation or it becomes too damp. The Earth must be able to breath. The cover can be made of a wood frame with metal or fiberglass arches, which are then draped with a bug screen and a vinyl cover that may be removed. A cover of pvc piping, may also be created.

    An opaque cover is desirable if the bed is near the house and is very deep. As you look upon the bed you send your energy to it, and so an opaque cover will protect you from undue energy loss over time.

    Digging the Bed


    The Earth is your living partner, and respectfully creating the hole for the Bed is critical. You may have your own manner for honoring and blessing the Healing Space you are creating, use your own method, feel it deeply and be true to your self. Your active and conscious intention to work with the Earth, and nature's healing forces is important to state, to fully activate your Healing Bed.


    Use a pendulum, or rods to help you make your selection, and understand the quality of the energy present in the space you wish to dig.



    The Healing Bed answers a longing that modern man feels, but hasn't been able to identify and satisfy.

    Having the awareness that it is possible, to heal ourselves and the Earth too,

    makes lying in the Healing Bed even more powerful and timely.


    Resting deeply in the natural energies of Earth Mother, when they are focused and accessible in The Healing Bed, can transform the way we feel about ourselves, our neighbors and the world.



    Feel free to contact me if you wish to learn more or have questions.

    At one time I made covers that were for sale, there is no business currently doing that right now.




    The heart holds the key to unlocking the energies of healing and unity that are inherent in all things. In lying on the Earth with intention, you bring that specific vibration to the Earth herself.
    You literally repair her energetic fabric.


    Your intention holds the key when you set your intention to assist in healing the Earth, your open doors. Intention and action combine to create a powerful force.

    What you will find is that in healing the healer is healed, and you receive as much as you give



    Nature's systems are affected on many levels by the works of man which interrupt the Earth's energy flow. Fragmentation of the Earth's energy is a symptom of the fragmentation of ourselves. Through unification of ourselves- into our bodies, into our lives we can find more and more of ourselves, becoming present in our lives and becoming whole.

    Positive tension is restored to threads creating the energetic fabric of the Earth, when you lie on the Earth to heal, for you are healing yourself in the process.



    Lie on the earth for 2 hours a day for 3 to 7 days, within a 30 day period.
    A person lying on the earth with intention to heal can affect the energetic fabric of the Earth 3 to 300 miles from where they are lying.
    The actions of any one person can affect this shift, and send ripples upon ripples radiating out to the world, there is power in the individual beyond your imagining.



    Focus on the feeling of your feet against the Earth, this will start the flow of energy up into your body.
    Lie down on your back on a blanket, (support your neck and knees, and cover yourself to stay warm.)
    Then lie on your front, it feels like lying on the breast of your mother as a baby. Open your heart to the Earth

    Focus on your connection to the Earth, how it feels, stay in the present moment, or drift off to sleep.
    A network of people all over the globe doing this can stabilize and heal the Earth's energy system,
    creating a network of healed energy pathways.
    When? Whenever you are ready. Today is good.

  • Footnote:

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    Recommended Reading:

    Grossman, Warren, To Be Healed by the Earth. Seven Stories Books, 1998.
    Available through Amazon.com, A quote from the website: "After spending years observing and expanding his own relationship to life's energy to heal himself, Warren now teaches how to use this energy in a step-by-step process. He trains you to deliberately open your heart to bring physical, emotional and spiritual healing to self and others." Contact www.WarrenGrossman.com.
    Warren does private healing sessions over the phone and may be reached in Ohio at 216-491-9938.

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