Welcome to Love's New Earth!

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We just had a full solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024. It was amazing to see a bright ring in the sky instead of the Sun. It became cold, and I had a renewed appreciation for the heat and light of our Sun. (I took this photo from my back yard.)

There are great cycles of time that influence us and our planet. We circle the Sun within our solar system, our solar system circles a Central Sun, Central Suns revolve around Great Central Suns and it goes on to larger and larger cycles. These great cycles have an effect on all life here on Earth.1. We are now entering a time where there is greater possibility 2. and hope for humanity. Greater capacity is coming on line for us all, as the Earth's frequency is rising because of our placement in the skies.

A cycle ended on April 8th, 2024 when the Sun Moon and Earth were all in a straight line. This of course created a new beginning, which naturally followed the darkness... when the sunlight returned.

Any start or "beginning" holds a promise for what follows.3. How and who we are, what we emanate, feel and expect, can influence the entire ensuing time period. So on April 8th we hit the re-set button, 4. we rebooted Earth.

As beings that are far more than we appear, we are not just individual bodies existing in time and space, we are interconnected points of consciousness, inter-influencing each other and the world we live in.5. It's imperative that we intentionally create what is to come. We can use our positive emotions, spontaneous visions and inspired ideas during these early creative days and coming months, to transform the world.6. We are seeding our future with our focus now. If we don't create our future, someone else will create it for us!

Our future is actually here now, created within us, from the inside out. And how we are in the moment makes a difference. We can begin this next cycle by embodying the spirit of the phrase:

"We are creating a New Earth paradigm for the highest and best good of all concerned." 7.

Think of this paradigm shift in your own life, the lives of your community, and also at the level of the Earth and all humanity. Consciously, intentionally imagine yourself into the emotions that you would like to feel in your life:

Love, harmony, joy, openheartedness, generosity, playfulness, security, deep connection, gratitude, rest, meaningful work and the feeling of the abundance of all good things.

These next moments, mintutes, days and months ahead will influence us in a positive direction by our clear and focused intention, desire and energy to create something new and different. How we see the world around us, what we expect from it, how we respond to it and what we create, are all pieces of the puzzle that create the "New Paradigm on Earth for the highest and best good of all concerned."

The book Love's New Earth was energetically birthed on April 8th as well. It's about how we can navigate this great Mothership of Earth with her precious human cargo towards a positive, free and loving future. During the eclipse I created the future within myself by creating on purpose the emotions I wish to feel. I imagined a positive future for the new book, for myself, my communities, the Earth and all humanity.

Please take a moment to do the same for your self, your communities and the world! This is such a hopeful time. because we are powerful creators, and we have a great work ahead of us. We are supported by the energies around us in a very positive way (the book explains more about this). Each of us has a part to play and a role to fill in this new Earth incarnation. It is a very exciting time!

Welcome to Love's New Earth!

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