Guidebook to the Embodiment of the Christ within:A Personal Journey, Our Collective Destiny

Be the Second Coming is a timely how-to guide for connecting to the divine presence that is within each of us.

Practical exercises will help us to see "all as one," which is the bridge to seeing as a Christ sees. Learn to see the structures, people, animals, and the very earth around us as part of who we are in the largest sense. In seeing this way, fears and limitations can drop away, enabling us to relax in a new way and giving us the power to transform lives and the world we all share.
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"I am finding the Christ within me with your guidance- Oh the gift you have given to all who read this! This is a treasure of a book" - Susan

" I have been reading your precious, beloved book. I have never read anything like it. You are certainly taking me on a new and higher journey. wow! Thank you."

"Reading your book has placed me in this wondrous, contemplative, actively peaceful state. I want to acknowledge that and to tell you that the overriding, intense understanding that your extraordinary story of an ongoing relationship through pure thought (with Milosevic) has evoked in me is that ALL our relationships are, in truth, vertical in nature."

"I didn't just read it and put it down, I am living it!" - Carolyn

"I am finding much comfort in these words, amazing truth." - Lester

"I am blow away by your book. It brought tears to my eyes from the first moment I started reading. Although I have not gotten very far, I have found it so meaningful. Thank you for this offering." - Sarah

"It is wonderful to read, inspiring, clear, gentle and encouraging as well as very interesting." - Martha

"It's a really great book, I have recommended it to several people already." - Mike

"A very worthwhile book, that flows, has interesting language, so many good points in it" - Sandy

"I stayed up almost all night reading it,... a beautiful book." - Carol

"I can't wait to share it with others." Cris Ann M., Connecticut

"I enjoyed it, and found it enlightening and very positive indeed... I also resonated with the 'normal' person aspect of things- you came across as very humble, not perfect. That made me want to read on because (through certain eyes) I see I am not perfect either! So I thought- hmm, here's a normal person enjoying these very remarkable experiences, I wonder if that might be possible for me? And I enjoyed the simplicity of it- things I can actually use in my ordinary, everyday life." - Simon H. , Ohio

"Thanks for your wonderful messages! I am reading your book, about half way, now, and you are sharing huge blessings with all who read it! Me too! Namasté," Diana S, Florida

"Be The Second Coming is remarkable in its courage and compassion. I finished it in one session. I resonate with a lot of it from the earth connections and needs, to the vision of the collective unconscious through Christ, the quantum "Field", synchronistic coincidences, and the feeling that now is the time for the world to awaken to a faster vibration. It gives people a key to the knowing confidence we are in the "kingdom of God or the natural great perfection" all the time." - Rob Elder, poet author of Sky Blue Road and Remembering Goodbye

"I am just finishing the reading of your book, and I have to say it is extremely good." Mike Quinsey. Radio Host "Connecting The Light" on BBS Radio

"I have just today finished reading your book "Be The Second Coming" & Thank You very much for that also. I loved it. Can't wait to re-read it" - Rita

"It was written just for me." - Bill H.

"Thank you for writing this book, this gift of Love. It's exactly what my ears and eyes needed to take in through your heart experiences and willingness to be open and real. I was just lifted out of time into another dimension, seriously, I just read your book in 1 hour of directed attention. I've never read a book in this way before and felt so blown away, totally there and present. WOW" -Laura P.

"I read it cover to cover in one sitting, loved it!" - Cindy

"..simple and elegantly sharing your story." Joan Angarano Radio Host of "Ascension Waves" on


What is remarkable to me about this writing is the profound affect it has on me, each and everytime i enter into the reading of another section or passage. I find myself to be extremely intrigued, yet simultaneously calmed and reassured as though a voice in me says, "OF COURSE and isn't that good news! " I find Hope's way of teaching to be, gentle, clear and encouraging. The information shared within is profound and yet exceptionaly simple. There is nothing that feels beyond me when i read this teaching. I am encouraged in all ways to take this knowlege to heart and remember it and live it to the best of my abilitity each day.

As I was meditating on what I would like to say about this astonishing gift that Hope has brought into the world, my fingers opened to the first page of Book II. There, Hope asks the question: "What is the full manifestation of Christ Conscousness?" and right there is the line that i felt perfectly describes what i feel about Hope's teaching:

"Jesus... "It who has allowed the Truth of 'what is' to express itself fully in form without interference or distortion on the level of the human."

If you are someone who, like myself , have been searching for a clear and true understanding of the direct means of aligning yourself to the highest possible consciousness of unconditional love; to the Christ Light within; who may have been searching for a long time, for that elusive Inner Peace; or for a sense of reassurance that there is indeed design and purpose and A WAY to imbue Christ Consciousness; if you have needed this to be somehow clearer and more actually attainable, then in reaching for this teaching, i think you will find that you have come home.

Blessings to Hope for the years of love to bring this timely Teaching home to us
Blessings to all of you who have found your way here. May you be at Peace



1) In BE THE SECOND COMING Jesus explains that a Christ sees all as One. So to step into your embodiment of Christ, focus on the awareness that everything you see is all One thing, and treat it that way.

A practice for Seeing All as One:  Take an object that you are near right now and imagine that it is a part of you. See its essence as the same as your own. Focus on that which is the same in everything as you look at it. Remember the illustrations in school of electrons circling an atom and all of that empty space between the electrons? That empty space is the same in everything. Can you soften the definition of who you are and expand it to include the object? Then try it with something else and then again with something else. Then include the whole room—know that the items and spaces are you. Can you observe a change in how you feel and how you relate to everything else when you do this?

2) Meditate daily on the embodiment of your Christ self, using the free meditation.
Sit with you spine upright, close your eyes, and relax. Come into this present moment and remember your intention to embody Christ consciousness as you listen. Reminding your self that you do this for both your self and the whole world helps to hold your focus upon a whole new way of being present in life.

3) Take one action today as the Christ that you are. From the place of seeing all others as yourself and the Earth as your responsibility, what might you do today to act as this greater being? It needn’t be grand, a simple act of caring, generosity, clarity, or acknowledgement will do. Let someone into the traffic line ahead of you, offer to share your bag of potato chips with a co-worker, pick up a piece of trash, walk gently upon the earth feeling love for the food, water, air, gifts you receive each day from her.