Conversations with Jesus

Being The Miracle Of Love invites us to tap into the power of Divine Love that is already present and perfect within us. It offers timeless wisdom and evolutionary insights on: healing, miracles, enlightenment, ascension, education, food, money and more.
"What if you looked out upon the world with innocent and all powerful eyes? What if your chosen perspective and cultivated reality was that of God? What if there were no victim consciousness, no illusion of separation, how would that make you and others feel? This is the potential of now, and as you claim this now as 'God's now' and 'your now' and 'Love's now,' something grand and wonderful occurs within both your experience and within the reality that you create. ... This is not a future possibility for some future self that is more schooled or more skilled or more healed or more loving. This is your possibility now." (pg. 43) - Jesus
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"There is a spoonful of pure loving for you in Being the Miracle of Love. It cuts through the thicket of thoughts and takes you to the heart of life." -Rob Elder, Author of Sky Blue Road and Remembering Goodbye
" ...a warm, sensual bath for the heart, mind, and soul." -Joan Angarano, Lifestreams Healing
"After three decades of interviewing, you start to hone down on quality book content that when read still launches "The Holy Spirit," or as some might say, "Raises the goose bumps of God." Hope Mauran and her embodied partner, Jesus, did it for me, first in Be The Second Coming, resulting in an exceptional radio interview: And now once again, as I started my read of Being the Miracle of Love, I find my arm hairs standing tall. As he, through Hope, says in the introduction, "Much of this book is on the concept of Unity within the many, e pluribus unum (Latin for 'out of many, one.') - a way of being on the Earth that brings Earth to the next level of Light and Love and Harmony." What more could be added? Thanks H & J, for showing the way!" -Alan Hutner, Founder & Co-host, Transitions Radio Magazine ( and Co-host, Transitions TeleWeb Seminars (
"A book of such clarity and grace, that it finally allows any reader to re-member, re-connect, and re-joice in the simple genius that is Divine Perfection."-Michael R. Stack, Delaware

"I've read a lot of personal growth books over the years but Hope's books have a very down-to-earth simplicity combined with some deeply profound wisdom. That is very rare and find myself going back to her books again and again so I can ReConnect and ReMember that I am part of a greater whole that loves each of us dearly. There's a lot of wonderful insights and guidance on how to get in touch with who each of us truly is. I also get the sense that she has a direct line to Jesus because there is a vibrational ring of Truth, Compassion and UnConditional Love in her Jesus is walking and talking with her." - Marika Ray, New Hampshire
"For me, the words in Being the Miracle of Love that illuminate both the path and the means to enter the vibrational field of a new world paradigm are these: 'The heart is the bringer of all miracles.' This material is full of very accessible exercises to open and deepen the wisdom of the heart, that can transform anything that stands in the way of accessing the potential for awakened consciousness, that living in unconditional Love inherently offers. I highly recommend this book as a guide to opening more deeply to embodying the Love that, like a magnet, naturally pulls everything into alignment with its higher coding!" - Ariel Spilsbury, co-author of The Mayan Oracle and author of The Alchemy of Ecstasy: Initiates Guide to the Goddess' Mysteries and The 13 Moon Oracle: Holographic Meditations on the Mystery. (
"The Mother Lode of the new spirituality for the shift into the Golden Age." - Richard Iadarola, New Mexico
"I found this new book so inspiring, and with so much truth in it. It is definitely coming from a different dimension, from a much evolved form of thought . An appropriate guide book for our future ways, where the conversation with Jesus happened with such a simplicity, just like the day-to-day sharing with our best friend. But the expression of the content is so powerfully uplifting and wise. Definitely a must-read for personal growth book. Cinzia Bassan - Padova, Italy



Al Diaz, Hope Ives Mauran share their insights on Being The Miracle of Love

"Inspirational author, Hope Ives Mauran, translates wisdom of the ages giving voice to new visions for love. She has always felt a deep affinity with nature and expresses her love for Earth and Creation through writing, art, and teaching.


Think, Believe and Manifest. Interview with Reisha Baker

"Join Author Hope Mauran as she shares about being the miracle of Love. You will learn how to step into a higher human potential of unity and love, reveal your magnificence as you move beyond victimhood and projection, how to bring light to the world, understanding that you are a secret agent for God and gain a clear understanding of the power of Love"


Power Talk with Reisha Baker

"Reisha PowerTalks with acclaimed author, coach, speaker and radio host, Hope Ives Mauran about her conversations with Jesus, her spirit guides and what it means to be a Miracle of Love!"


Interview on Energy Stew with Peter Roth

Radio Interviews on Progessive Radio Network's "Energy Stew"

Hope Mauran chats with Peter Roth on the Progressive Radio Network's "Energy Stew" | 30 min. | Nov. 23th, 2013