A Message From Nature's Small Creatures

In May of 2005, the author went into the woods and journeyed down a tunnel to a brightly lit cavern. She returned with an urgent message from the creatures of the Earth to all humanity.
Meet the toad, weasel, beetle, lizard, caterpillar, snake, hedgehog, spider and opossum. Learn the difference between natural time and artificial time and the role that time plays in the health of the Earth. Come away with the 6 points that the small creatures wish to share with humans.
For adults and children, illustrated by the author.

"The weasel was larger than one would expect, just like the toad. She was slender, upright and a bit nervous. She bowed to me before speaking in a thin, squeaky voice, "I wanted so much to meet you. You have no idea... Well..." she continued, realizing this wasn't the topic and that the toad might become impatient. She glanced up at the toad before hurrying on, "What I... so wanted to tell you about, is the need for awareness and greater understanding of the little animals and the wee ones that inhabit the Earth. When you bigger folk do things, you make it so we can't do what we need to do. We mix the mulch layer
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Reviewed By Tami Brady

Where the Wisdom Lies is a fable about one woman's fantastical journey that sets her upon an environmental/spiritual quest crusade. The adventure starts off on a seemingly normal day. The author is walking her dog in the woods, like she had done many times before. However, on this particular day, the author is exposed to a hidden world. While resting against a tree, Hope finds a door to a place called the Underworld.

The Underworld is home to all sorts of creatures: beetles, snakes, toads, weasels, spiders, and a gnome. Over the course of a few weeks, Hope visits these individuals multiple times. Each time she returns from her journey, the author has learned (or been reminded) of another important lesson. In the end, she is urged to share her finding with the rest of the world.

Where the Wisdom Lies is an important reminder in these busy chaotic times of the importance of balance and natural cycles. We need to understand the consequences of our actions and inactions.



Hope Mauran chats about Where The Wisdom lies at the Book Expo America. | 5 min.

Interview at Book Expo America.  |  Read the article in Greenwich Life entitled "Taking Cues From Nature" (2007 | pdf)




Paris Book Festival 2014 - Honorable Mention

New England Book Festival 2011 - Honorable Mention Spiritual Category

Los Angeles Book Festival 2011 - Honorable Mention Spiritual Category