We Are Whole-ons of Divine Light and Love

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I woke up in the night with the idea to communicate with Jesus, as sleep was eluding me, and this is what resulted...

Freedom: Dear One, What would you say to this world now?

Jesus: Lovely question my dear and so needed in these times. It is not what I would say, it is what I would not say I think that best encapsulates the opportunity of these times. I would not say that the world is in dire straits because it is not truly in a sense, real. It is a projected reality that responds to the words and ideas and expectations of the human beings within it. It’s like a self-driving car with the whole world in the drivers seat. The truth is that the whole car doesn’t exist on a road that goes anywhere other than where it is right now. Its like there is a movie playing in the windshield for the humans to see, but in truth the car goes nowhere, it just seems that it does. And the beauty of these times is that more and more humans are stopping and relaxing inside the car to let go of the quest for the steering wheel. Its like each human has their own little wheel to steer with, and the collective direction is where the movie on the screen appears to be heading. And so I would say to the humans in the collective car going nowhere…

behold your endeavor and examine your motives.

Are you free of the direction you are heading and that you are leaving?

Are you willing to just be in the car and observe where it takes you?

What if your expectations were real? What if they were what drives the car?

  Would you find peace in any direction that appears?

This reflects the truth of your status... your reality, it needn’t be affected by the car, the direction that the little (steering) wheels go, the big (steering) wheel goes… it needn’t affect the true status of life at any level other than as a cautionary tale for experiences that are more or less desirable.

And if there were a message to offer it is this: Be assured that all that performs upon this screen of the windshield is like the rain of a summer day’s storm,

it washes quickly away to reveal a new day, a new dawn, and a new world of cleanliness
and new growth. That is all. No more need be said because there is only the true knowing of this situation that would help you to forgive all the situations that have created this stormy world expression. Allow them all to go. Let them be released. And free yourselves collectively from the car that has captured your essence for a very long time. As life would have you do… (and) be…. in it, and yet not encased within it. It is a place to participate and express and experience and enjoy, and too, it is not who you are, not by a long shot at all. You are far more than the car could define for you, and so be grateful for this understanding that it may release you from the world that you find projected upon the windshield by all your brethren, for they know not how to drive this car.

Freedom: What is the alternative vehicle?

Jesus: Well let me think that one through… an alternative would be no car, no driver,
simply the human beings in harmonious expression of the light within them, not so much as fear-driven nodes of consciousnesses but as whole-ons of light interacting and expressing with or without bodies that solidify their expression to the senses of the human body. Does this make sense?

Freedom: So, I am trying to picture this to get inside this world you offer... it is that joy and delight of love in expression and action bouncing around and between us all. Is that correct?

Jesus: Yes, and too it is eternal and momentary all at once, it is the fullness of eternity and the fleeting moment of now, all within the joyful expression of the whole of you in motion and at rest.

Freedom: In this world there is the positive and negative polarity in expression. How does the whole-on you mention relate to this positive and negative reality potential?

Jesus: The whole-on is the fullness within all energy focus points on the planet, it is
the ground from which a polarity might arise. This is not a situation that requires full understanding, for the human brain is a limitation in this perspective. It is an opportunity to rest in the realization that within the brain’s origin of expressive capability, there too is a means for it to show its higher mind, its origin of love and wholeness. This is what awaits greater expression on Earth. The resting-in-wholeness potential of all human beings, bringing into expression the full love of the creator for its creation. [Like} The parent for the child on the scale of the world’s expression, where all humans embody both the parent and the child at once, in all ways in all things. It’s not a demonstration, its an essence that holds the love within it, the love that flows in all directions to all within the reality is the potential of these times.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Freedom: The next morning, I read the following section from Jesus, in The Course in Miracles1  listed here below that seems to illustrate perfectly what Jesus mentioned.

‘Can you imagine how beautiful those you forgive will look to you?
In no fantasy have you ever seen anything so lovely. Nothing you see
here, sleeping or waking, comes near such loveliness, and nothing
will you value like unto this, nor hold so dear. Nothing that you
remember that made your heart seem to sing with joy has ever brought
you even a little part of the happiness this sight will bring you.
For you will see the son [and daughter] of God. You will behold the beauty that the Holy Spirit loves to look upon, and that He thanks the Father for. He was created to see this for you, until you learned to see it for yourself. And all His teaching leads
to seeing it and giving thanks with Him.’

Freedom: This passage offers a taste of what the True reality is like, where love flows in all directions. It reminds me of an experience I had in New York City, as I was climbing up the stairs out of the subway one sunny morning. My sight shifted and everyone and everything became exquisitely pure and beautiful. I felt so much love and deep tenderness for everyone I looked at. It was a radical shift in perception, that was fleeting and filled with grace. It revealed the Truth of who we all are outside of this dream car we inhabit. Exquisitely beautiful... every las one of us. This kind of perception awaits us all upon the remembrance of who we Truly are, and of who everyone ‘else’ is also. A Course in Miracles teaches that it is what we see when we have forgiven2 ourselves and everyone else for our original separation thoughts.

Helen Schucman, the scribe of A Course in Miracles, had a similarly remarkable change of perception on the subway as well, that was written about in Absence from Felicity by Ken Wapnick, the story of Helen’s life and the scribing of the Course. She was on the subway instead of a taxi, as her husband wanted to save money as they went to visit some friends across town. She was in an angry and resentful state of mind by her own accounting of it. “I marched angrily to the subway, grimly determined to suffer, but not alone.” 3 There were unattractive, dirty people and children on the car, and she was repulsed and judging. A couple of men argued, and a child took a piece of filthy gum from the floor of the car and put it in his mouth. Helen closed her eyes to escape it all, and had a vision and experience of Divine Light and Love. As she opened her eyes, she momentarily saw everyone in the car through the eyes of intense unconditional Love... “I loved everyone on the train with that same incredible intensity.”4

Imagine if all of us in the car that goes nowhere, loved with that complete purity, and acceptance? We would give love its turn to drive our collective car.

Every day just for a moment, imagine loving everyone you know and all that you see, with that same intensity of all consuming divine Love. We are all whole-ons of divine love and light, and seeing the Truth of things ought to get our Earth car 'moving' in the right direction!



1 This section called II. The Beauty of The Real World, from the Course in Miracles (COA edition pg. 551)  

2 Forgiveness in the Course is not our human forgiveness of making someone guilty
in order to forgive them, it is a different forgiveness, that
recognizes that “there is nothing to forgive”. (T-15.VIII.5.7)

3   Absence from Felicity, by Ken Wapnick, Ph.D., Foundation For A
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4  Absence from Felicity, by Ken Wapnick, Ph.D., Foundation For A
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