Being Aware of Thoughts from Another Source

· overcoming powerlessness,violent thoughts,thought infiltration,technology's infiltration,spiritual physical split

We are never alone when we open to the spiritual source or spark of divinity within us and all that is around us. WhenI first learned to channel, and discovered my spirit guides were always with me, I knew I was never alone and always watched, with benevolence and love. It has inspired me to become my best self, to be self-aware and responsive to what the world is asking of me at the deepest level. It has inspired my
actions outside of my comfort zone... a necessary ingredient to growth in my
life. Mainstream society and its pervasive technologies, are attempting to
create a sort of similar system that mimics our inner spiritual/ source
guidance... but to serve its corporate creators’ own questionable ends.

Subliminal messages are in movies, TV and I surmise, are silently broadcast into large stores and areas of congregation. After frequenting large stores and public places, I notice thoughts that pop into my head, and thoughts or ideas that are not like my own, appear in my mind.

I have been meaning to share this for quite some time... and am just now getting to it... over a year later. Perhaps it will save you from the trap I have found myself in... and am slowly climbing out of!

I have been infiltrated, in-fill-traitor-ed. There is another source that has snuck into our universe, one other than the true source of our universe, (according
to The other source that gained entry into this world, is
not wildly intelligent and somehow simply reproduces itself and its
programming, with the hope of taking over our bodies, our creativity and our
entire planet. Sounds a bit like technology doesn't it? Like a B grade horror movie script… and very much outside of the innate natural flowing love that underlies life on Earth and nature’s natural web of inter-communication, inter-relationship, inter- dependency. The other fake source seeks to embody itself on this planet, in our bodies, and minds because it has no body of its own. It finds humans to take over in order to create a race that is controllable, predictable and docile. We humans are unique in our
capacity to create, and our free will is a precious commodity, we hold a powerful place in creation, simply by being human.

I realize that I have been a part of that other source’s agenda, when I have sought the answers from outside of myself, instead of attuning to my own divine source and spark of life. Back in 2013, for a short while, I was guided to lay down and become completely still, it was like death without the loss of life. I felt I knew nothing of the truth of life,
and that having my life guided was a great benefit, so I would lie down and just be still.

Over a period of years, I went from thinking anything was possible, to feeling powerless and inadequate to impact my world in any meaningful way.

Inspiration had nowhere to bindwithin me anymore.


In hindsight, I realize now that the other source has slipped in the door of my mind and taken over some part of me. It seems to correlate with considering myself a spiritual person, and with more and more technology in my life and cell phone use. I felt powerless to enact physical changes in my life, it was as though a glass film was between me and moving forward with life. I noticed it and couldn’t figure out what had happened. For the longest time I was simply caught inside
of it.

When I heard Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs, (who is called Oracle Girl), say that when there is a spiritual/physical split, it creates spiritual power, while physical power is lost (from, a light bulb went on for me. When we see the world in two separate categories, either physical or spiritual, it creates a split. My experience is that the separation of the physical and spiritual realms emasculates the physical power we hold. The reason physical power is lost is that there is no separation between the physical and spiritual, there is only one world. The physical world is fed from the spiritual world. With that realization, I turned back with fervor towards physical life. I got my hands dirty in the soil planting more gardens, built things with wood and metal. I followed through when ideas and inspiration landed in my mind. Actively using my body, I swam in the cold stream, hiked, skied and made an even stronger effort to engage physically in the world, it felt great! I continue to reclaim the territory lost to that other source. It has been a slow process. What appears to happen is that when the authentic thought from our own true self is felt and heard and not acted upon, our own impulses to act become increasingly faint, as they are superseded by impulses from another source. It is that space that follows the simple-good-thought-not-acted-upon that indicates infiltration by another source. It also happens more easily when we are not attuned to our own inner guidance.

Re-claiming my physical enaction of my good thoughts... my ability to act decisively and promptly upon a thought, is what I was able to notice and am rectifying. If you are concerned that you have this kind of issue, be aware of when a simple (good) thought is not responded to with appropriate action… and take that action. Thoughts as simple
as changing position in bed, getting up, calling someone, writing a blog post,
making a meal, putting something away in its place, doing any task that is your
unique expression in life, putting yourself out in the world in some way, or one that creates order and joy, or furthers creation of a new way of living in harmony with nature and humanity... following through with creative ideas and engagement with life. Tending to these, helps you to reclaim that space and engage deeper with your own self
and life.

So in summary, a space inside of us forms when we don't act. That vacuum of action creates a space for the other source to occupy, like a stray cat sliding in a door left ajar, it comes in and occupies, and before you know it, its sleeping in your bed! This sure sounds like technology's insidious encroachment in our lives... which makes me think that maybe I am not the only one experiencing this kind of thing. Over time, inertia takes on more and more of our life force, unless we notice and make clear choices to reclaim our own energy and life (and keep technology out of our bed). The battle for our life-force, spirits and our bodies, is now evident to me first hand. Technology has the ability to place thoughts in our minds, infiltrate earth energy lines and places and take over our bodies and minds.

 For me this is a time of active sorting of thoughts, where I can say “no, that is not my thought.” If violent, twisted, or ugly thoughts arrive in my mind I don’t give them any energy, I simply say casually and confidently... "no, not my thought".
Those thoughts have nothing to do with me. If I engage with them and try to
push them away or become upset that they exist, I lower my frequency to their level. There is no need for this. I am also taking steps to eliminate my use of the cell phone, I turn off the computer and phone at night, and isolate them away from the bedroom in a faraday-cage covering, (missiondarkness brand).

Thanks for reading. I hope you have some fun today~ run, skip, jump rope, ride a bike, dance... do something to express your body's joyful, fluid movement, and to own your energy in life... and leave the phone at home, turn it off and go do those errands without it. Take a techno vacation this summer. Come visit and leave your phone at home.

With Love, Freedom