You Were There With Me


· Love,quantum reality,Infinity Wave,New Earth,human potential

I stopped while walking barefoot on a deserted beach yesterday, turned westward to the water and stood still.

There is such power in stopping.

Feeling the cool sand beneath my feet, and the energy of my body, I remembered the potential of the infinity wave, a symbol of endless movement and connection shared by my friend Hope Fitzgerald.

Anchored on the beach I thought of people joining me, holding hands, standing on either side of me, and creating a human chain of love, purification and connection. Our own bodies and energy fields were clearing and being cleared of separation and distortion, and the energy lines of the Earth were being cleared and clearing us at the same time. Love flowed throughout.

You were there, along with my family, friends, and all the circles of connection that I have been a part of, I called us all in to participate. And then thinking maybe that wasn't enough to make it around the earth and back I called forth all of the friends and family, and circles of connection of all of us to become part of the human chain forming an infinity symbol.

All of us holding hands stretched along the beach, and way beyond, we became many enough to encircle the earth and return to the spot that I was standing on. A massive figure '8' Intersecting through my heart in that moment, the crossing point of the infinity symbol.

It felt really good, like a wholeness... in the reality of the now and in creation of the future. Standing together. Loving. Being healed, healing, being and becoming the whole.

Can you imagine it?

I then saw an image of all of us having an infinity crossing point in each of our hearts, and out own separate chains of more and more people encircling the earth so that we were overlaying the entire earth with people holding hands. So that the earth was covered with a lacework of lines of people. Delicate, strong, inviolate and filled with love. Oh yeah!

We are powerful beings. We all did some good work! Thanks for being there with me.