Ice Cream Thoughts



Yesterday I was out doing some shopping, and on the way home I approached the Mrs. and Me, an ice cream parlor that has been there all my life. The thought of getting an ice cream cone came to me.

Was it my own thought?

Maybe, or was it me experiencing a thought-form : the residual thought-shadow of thousands of people throughout time who thought of ice cream in that same place on the road?

Strong emotions positive or negative create etheric imprints. I imagine it was a combination in my case. It is easy to pick up on this residue of the collective and claim that collective thought residue as our own thought.

This is a harmless, organic and natural example of what is going on now intentionally to influence our behaviors and actions.

It is possible to intentionally influence our thoughts. Subliminal messaging is infiltrating our environment, tv shows, movies and the images that we see.

Why does this matter?

Well, every moment is a new creation.

It is more important than ever to be aware of what is being created on this earth by other folks who's agendas don't harmonize with ours.

If we are not careful… a world of restricted freedom, monitored movements, enitcements, conveniences, coercion and fear will be created. We are being herded towards a technology-controlled future and where you "will own nothing and you will be happy". (Check out the UN's Agenda 2030)

Any screen we look into is a technologically created world that has the potential of separating us from ourselves our bodies, and our power to create. By implanting and guiding our thoughts we can be lead and controlled.

Thoughts are the foundation of all things created.

Lately I have been labeling many thoughts every day as “not my thought”. I find it quite effective, and the unhelpful or destructive thought just drops away. I used it on the ice cream thought.

Our capacity to manage our thought-world helps to determine the present moment and the future that grows from it. It is up to us to sort our thoughts!

“What thoughts DO I want to create?” We need to stop and ask ourselves this very important question.

Let’s create the future we want more than anything else!

The future we create is the one our thoughts have dwelt upon and our actions have fed. Collectively we are doing this all the time. It is not just up to us, we are intertwined with all life.

We humans are joined organically~ as part of nature. So as one of us turns into
the ice cream parking lot, many of us follow, simply by the pull of our
interconnectedness. And by the pull of our imprinted thoughts and emotions. The pull of delight in ice cream!

As any one of us dwells in de-light... humanity is uplifted.

The counter to that is true as well. Unfortunately it appears that the current is going against us, there is one international urgency and drama after the next. And so we need to paddle hard towards thoughts and feelings and images and actions that proactively create our chosen future.

As we feed ourselves thoughts of empowerment, kindness and caring and actively create abundant food, water, connection to nature and to each other, as we beautify
our environment, tenderly Love the Earth, see the goodness in people and as we are honest, authentic and tell it like we see it... the world WE want to live in manifests!

It is simply up to us to make it happen.

I turned into the parking lot at the Mrs. and Me and got a coffee oreo ice cream cone. It was delicious!

I no doubt, added to the thought-form of ice-cream-delight, albeit with a sprinkling of guilty-pleasure. (Thankfully a thought doesn’t translate instantaneously into manifestation in this dimension!) I am still working to hone my thought craft...

Be Well my friends, and enjoy the simple pleasures and the sweet days of summer.