I have always avoided scary movies, with dark evil characters. Never in my wildest imaginings, did I anticipate waking up to find myself in the middle of the one we are all in now.

I always thought that a positive outlook and high frequency, was all we needed to make our way through life.  Light needs to do nothing other than be itself ... to shine! And it prevails over darkness. Darkness doesn't have a chance when light arrives to shine!

We are beings of light, and the darkness that surrounds us now, like a horror film, is simply darkness. It will ultimately be removed and disappear, as we all shine our beautiful lights more brightly and stand firmly in who we Truly are. 

I do think it is important however, to understand the tactics and plans the darkness has, to try to infiltrate bodies, minds, hearts and spirits and to remain in our lives. 

I believe that it is important to study their playbook... not to become enmeshed in the dark scenarios, but to understand their tactics, and the language they use, so we aren't convinced, taken over, or mesmerized by their clever plots, and appealing-looking plans, and thus lured further into their traps. 

As the darkness weakens, their demands become louder... more shrill, and their nets of control, within us and around us, then become harder and harder to just simply ignore!

So, I share this information, with the hope and intention, of awakening "my fellow Americans" whose lights shine so brightly... to our present task...                                                      TO STAND UP FOR FREEDOM.  


Our nation is like a cat, focused upon a dangling toy... eyes locked on the the latest news, swinging back and forth~

  Republican / Democrat,                                                                              Trump / Biden,                                v_ccinated  / unv_ccinated,                                                                           mask / no mask,                                                       corporate media / conspiracy theorist,                                                       black lives matter / police supporter,                                                  global warming / no warming,                                                                  black / white...                                                                                                   Right / wrong! 

The media's currency is fear...  fueling divisiveness and intolerance. There are lots of ways to become angry, self-righteous, and to pick a fight now, as the media fuels such division and name calling. 

While the populace, fueled by the corporate mainstream news, is caught up in making others wrong, they are not seeing the larger plan unfolding.

Humanity is walking blindly and innocently into a trap.

Under the guise of protecting our health and safety, our freedoms are being taken away. Our bodies and minds are being manipulated, and our world is being redesigned by technology, artificial intelligence, media, corporations, centralized government and those few who control them all.9   There is also a perfect storm brewing with the roll-out of 5_G, the v_ccine, and their confluence in people's bodies.18.

The intelligent and brave scientists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, virologists... experts in their fields... the people who are speaking out, are being censored, defamed, smeared and worse... and there are MANY of them. You won't hear about them, or you will hear of their apparent "disgrace". 

This is why i don't write c_ovid, v_ccine, or 5_G out, to avoid the censorship bots that scan posts for anything counter to the official narrative. The media is centralized and intolerant of anyone who disagrees with the information that is sanctioned for distribution. 

The corporate media, and those that control it, have apparently stolen the patent on truth. Whoever owns the radio or tv station, newspaper, social media and government .... gets to speak. And they are all saying the exact same thing, using the exact same scripted words... 4.  and good and trusting people are believing what they say. This is a big mistake. 

Those in control of the media have an agenda, and your happiness, health, ability to have children,26 and your constitutional freedoms aren't anywhere on it.

The Great Reset

There is a worldwide agenda, that has been laid our quite clearly by the United Nations as agenda 2030, it’s called "the great reset."12.  You really ought to find out about it.

Its a United Nations plan, backed by  corporations, nonprofits, governments and "stakeholders" to enact a Universal Agenda that will bring "dramatic societal changes."6 by 2030. It has worthy-sounding goals of eradicating poverty, bringing peace, protecting the environment, but the overriding goal is sustainable development in the areas of economy, society and the environment. Sustainable development is defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of those in the future. It is a worthy goal by definition, and harkens to living in a way as to protect the resources  for the next 7 generations, an intention of the true native Americans.

My concerns are that it imposes equality in education, consumption, production, earning, and living. It uses words like determined repeatedly... for example: We are determined to mobilize the means required to implement this Agenda"... 27., 13. And it lays waste to our freedoms. "You will own nothing and you will be happy"- from 8 predictions for the world in 2030 from the world economic forum.7. This is one of their sales pitches! There will be no ownership… of land or your own home. No ownership of anything, it will all be rented from a central authority, in charge of all goods and services. Your own essential supplies will be contingent upon a social credit system. 

"Every personal move would be tracked electronically, and all production would be subject to the requirement of clean energy and a sustainable environment" 5. 

It will take away your freedom, self-authority and give it to an external centrally controlled system that is uncompromising and not accountable to anyone. 

Just imagine the que on the phone waiting for someone, probably a robot, to solve a problem when something goes wrong with your account... that will be the least of our difficulties if they fulfill their plans. They are counting on our willingness to surrender every last freedom of human life, for safety and centralized control, because they use words that we think are desirable to describe their plan.

 In this centralized system, "equality", "sustainable" development and "green" inititatives are its buzz words, that hide a more sinister plan to control and monitor all supplies, production, consumption, natural resources, money, economic resources and ALL of US. It will impose control from the top down. 

Your movements and location will be monitored 24/7.

Paper money will no longer be used and thus all money becomes digital, trackable and blockable by central authorities. If you don't obey, you are blocked from free movement, from accessing your money and other staples of life. 

Each and every manufactured item and transaction will be tracked via the massive system of 5_G 19. The building of the 5_G infrastructure and launching of satellites never stopped during the worldwide shut down. There are tens of thousand of satellites launched and waiting to be launched, into the lower atmosphere. Eight companies29. will be beaming down upon us all, whatever frequencies their license agreements permit. The impacts of the frequencies they will beam down, are untested, in the bandwidths that are now being allowed. Their impact upon humans, birds, insects and nature is unknown. These  frequencIes, (in addition to emf's and WIFI we already live with), interact with high tech nano materials and heavy metals in your body, making you vulnerable to control technology 18. The technology can override your free will at a certain point, and so you become like a remote controlled non-human being. This is the stuff of horror films.

Your movements will be tracked via censors in your car, and on the road6, in your phone, your watch, the materials injected into your body, eaten by you, breathed in, in your clothing and introduced into your energy field. You may say "I have nothing to hide" but this is not about the guilty little details of your personal life, this is about safe-guarding your sovereignty. These intrusive, abusive and dangerous technologies are meant to harm and kill, and to create new kinds of people that are no longer capable of human love.   These kinds of people are created... hybridized from humans who have been infiltrated by both wireless kinds of technology and high tech materials introduced into the body. There is a lot to learn about technology that is already affecting us, and being rolled out now.

Humans are like antennae, and we pick up on frequencies. Technology can already plant thoughts in your mind.11. That is one reason why so many people are following the dictates and mandates of this world scenario, and not asking questions or speaking up about the things that just don't make sense. The one that seems most obvious to me is ...since when was anything free? Now tests and v_ccines, are... shouldn't that tell you something?  A wise friend told me once: "when something is free, you are the product." Well folks, that is what is happening, we are the product.

This UN plan is scheduled for 2030... eight short years away. There is a long list of things that need to be done, that aren't on the public documents. Both the proverbial carrot and the stick are being used to put humanity inside of a system that would be very hard to get out of. 

- The monetary system needs to be digitized and thus all paper money invalidated. So in order to access your money it would all have to be sanctioned by the central authority.

-The population needs to be reduced in numbers, so that it is controllable, and part of the control is obedience through fear, financial stress, threat of job loss, food shortages, natural disasters, man-manipulated global disruption of weather, and other systems, sickness, loss and death (through medications that are ineffective, and harmful, and of course the v_ccine). We become more willing to do what we don't want to do when our livelihoods are threatened. That is what is happening now with mandated v_ccines.

-And on the carrot side... rewards of social acceptance, power, money, sex, success, travel, privileges and other external markers of societal success, given in return for our obedience to what is being asked. We eat the carrot... so we don't lose our freedoms to travel, go to school, to work, etc. 

The strategy is to keep us distracted and looking in the wrong direction14.... classic magician's tactics, so we don't notice we are headed into their horrible designs for our lives. They are counting on our turning on each other, (encouraging snitches)22 and having us destroy each other ourselves, to make the job easier for them. 

Once a government has control, it doesn't and won't willingly let it go. By drumming up fear of terrorism in 2001, the government claimed greater powers and control with the Patriot Act. Its temporary powers are still in place, renewed recently... 20 years later. Now, by drumming up fear of c_vid sickness and death, government has seized more of our freedoms...  of speech, gathering, work, travel, religion,10. health1. and education.20.

Showing your official papers to get into a restaurant, a concert 21., the grocery store? To go to college? Get on a plane? This is just the beginning of a long journey ahead of us.

 We will never go back to normal, (sorry to break the news.)

And those with v_ccine cards and v_ccine passports, that allow entry anywhere, will have to continue to jump higher and higher, to maintain the privileges that they have come to expect. 

If you associate with others who aren't obedient, and of high credit in the Chinese social credit system, you lose points. This is the social credit system that China has in place now3. Your v_ccine card is its first obvious incarnation.

Educate yourself on what it is, it is already here and it is NOT the kind of future you want to inhabit.

The fact is we do need to find new ways of being and interacting on Earth, but these top-down systems that are attempting to take over every last detail of our lives are not accountable to anyone, have nightmarish intentions in mind and certainly can't be trusted. 

The solutions to our world situations come from a raised consciousness within humanity, from a higher and greater intention from all of us, from the ground up: locally.  An imposed and central authority is about power and control, and has lost sight of individuals and their rights.

The Nuremberg Code28. protects the rights of all humans from being coerced into medical testing without their full consent and there also must be full transparency of what is being tested. This essential law, created after World War II to protect people from the kinds of experimentation that was done by the Nazis, has been completely and illegally ignored this past year and a half. 

Are you aware that v_ccine makers are not liable 16. for any damages the vaccines do to you? Any awards for harm are paid for by the taxpayers. The pharmaceutical industry  makes vast quantities of money on them, and they have no incentive to ensure their safety. We cannot assume that those in control, have the highest good for us all as their goal. Their planned, meticulously choreographed, 25. rehearsed,  and united assault upon our lives, bodies and freedoms is not acceptable.

If we let freedom go on our watch, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren won't know freedom. They will know control, bondage and all sorts of compromises, limitations, restrictions, humiliations and suffering....that we can't even imagine right now.

We cannot afford to choose safety over freedom any longer.

The Future is in Our Hands

We in the USA have a role to play. Our nation has held the hope and vision of a free and sovereign people for the world (however imperfectly). Where all races, faiths and nationalities live together in the sometimes messy work of life. Now is our shining moment, where we must stand up for our freedom... each of us lifting the torch of freedom aloft, like our dear and beloved Statue of Liberty. Our deep slumber and complacency has gotten us into a very bad situation. 

Previous generations of Americans, gave their lives for our freedom, we have a responsibility to do our part to keeping it not only alive, but thriving. Freedom to choose what we do with our bodies, freedom to speak our truth without censorship. Freedom to live, gather and do business. Freedom to determine for ourselves what goes in our bodies and our children's bodies. Freedom of medicine1 and medical choices as well... it must be ours to choose what is right for us.

As long as we aren't harming anyone, our birthright as a man or a woman, is to be free on this Earth. Governments were formed to be in service to us 2.   ... not the other way around.

We in America need to stand up for freedom, for ourselves, our children and for the future of mankind. Because of what is happening on Earth now, with the mandates, progressive indoctrination of the population to being told what to do, and because of the underhanded attempts at control via harmful technologies and injections.

Our time is limited to take action to protect our freedoms, we are at a critical juncture on Earth. 

What comes next is up to us. A positive future requires us to say "No" to what does not serve freedom. "No", to the 2030 plan as it is run from the top down. "No", to the mandates for medicalization. "No", to V pass_ports, contact tr_cing. "No", to the social credit system3.. "No" to 5_G26., and its untested frequencies blanketing and infiltrating the Earth and all of us 24/7.

We must  take responsibility for our own health as best we can. Strengthen our immunity and educate ourselves on what is being put into our bodies, and also detoxify from Graphene Oxide 24.  (a material that is in masks, swabs, the v_ccine and creates the symptoms of C_vid..) 

Gather with neighbors and friends, and let's talk about these things. Become more self-sufficient, while also thoughtfully reaching out into our communities to ensure that everyone has what they need. Create alternative exchange networks, organize ourselves so that the centralized control structures have less and less reach into our lives. We can boycott, and remove ourselves from systems of control... leave our cell phones at home. Dance and sing more, and have many more joyful enounters! Let's create lives so healthy, free, happy, and interwoven with nature that the old systems in place become unnecessary and obsolete. And we don't need them anymore.

We need to say Yes! to the beauty of human life. "Yes!" to love and "Yes!" to freedom, health and self governance for the next 7 generations. We need to remember who we are! We are magnificent and infinte creative beings. We are beings of Light, that are more powerful than any darkness.

We are not powerless and isolated, we are not bad or evil, we are very powerful beings of love. Our power is what must be acknowledged, investigated, and claimed, because we are changing the world in every moment... and all we really need to do is be who we are. We are already perfect for this task at hand.

In order to get through these difficult times, discernment is essential, because all decisions have consequences. It is helpful to allow ourselves to be guided from within, from our own inner Source, because it has the plan for our movements through these challenging times.   It's helpful to know when to act boldly and when to lay low. We are affecting the world through our frequency... our actions, thoughts, words and with our pure love, our joy and our dreaming.10. Taking time in silence each day, helps us to access our internal instructions, from our own Source. 

It is no mistake that we all find ourselves here at these pivotal times... 

We now need to pay homage to the Earth, she is demanding our attention and respect.  It is her laws, the laws of nature, we must abide by and follow.  We have only one Earth, we ignore her calls and demands at our peril. Her extremes in weather, are designed to get our attention! Let's honor her and restore her to her sacred place as mother of all life. Re-engage living upon her with appreciation and love by valuing the land we live upon, and the resources she provides. There is so much possible at this time, and so very much at stake. 

One of the benefits of these past two years is that we have had time to realize what is important to us. We have sifted out what we want to keep and what we are willing to let go of.  Our Freedoms are definitely the most important and essential to keep! Let's make it through this time, by joining together, not by being pulled apart, by a system  and its media megaphone that has no care for its impact upon us all. 

What we do and don't do right now, matters very, very much! 

What is our legacy? What is the legacy of our Nation? 

When your grandchild asks: "What did you do when they used the pandemic to try to take over the world?"

What will you say? 

Our individual choices and the grand and small works that we do, create the legacy for ourselves, for America and the world. I hope you will take some time to reflect upon this.

We do hold all the cards, we do have hearts of powerful gold... and nothing is more powerful than who we are as love, and as free beings in human form.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  please watch the documentaries in the listing below the footnotes. They say so much more than I can in this document.

Gratitude to Jody Fabrikant for her helpful edits, and to inspiration from Jacqueline, ~Oracle Girl 


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 21.  This is an example. "the opera house will be following strict covid protocols including requiring proof of vaccination for all eligible people, masking for all, physical distancing and contract tracing." http://www.plainfieldoperahousevt.orgfor tickets.  (Is this how you want to live?)

22. In either Monopoly   or Plandemic~InDOCTORnation (I don’t remember which) there is a clip of an announcer saying “snitching is positive” … encouraging people to report on their neighbors who aren’t obeying the shutdown orders. 

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Additional Resources available on the Highwire. 

Medical and Legal Resources to Defend Your Freedom:  

Graphene Oxide Protocols for C_vid prevention and treatment   

Be Prepared Kit:  ingredients I put together, to have on hand before someone gets sick: Thermometer, Pulse oximeter (blood oxygen meter), Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine200mg, and Aspirin as a blood thinner. (This is for myself, I am not a doctor.)

Jacqueline Hobbs,    An amazing resource for purifying ourselves, so that we can embody more love on this planet, create the future, and navigate these times.  

Norbert Heuser, created a number of products using quantum technology that can transform and thus protect from the negative frequencies in Electro Magnetic Radiation, 4G and 5G.

Heart Opening rendition of God Bless America :"I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today, cause there ain't no doubt I love this land, God Bless The USA."

Thanks for reading this far! My apologies for the awkward links in the materials above, hopefully you can find the right webpages, if not please let me know and I will send the correct one along. They skip around a bit as I've gone through the lengthy process of writing this.

Love, Freedom