What Lights You Up?

It's a key to accessing the bright and free future that awaits us.

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Imagine if everyone in the world was doing what they wanted to. 

Imagine a world where everyone was in alignment with themselves, and fulfilling their highest purpose.

Creativity, cooperation, joy, and generosity would be everywhere. Inspired action, beauty, and greater capacity at all levels would result. There would be a palpable feeling emanating from everyone and from the world itself... of rightness, fullness and love.

The possibility of this as a potentiality for the whole Earth, came to me as I listened to a recording by Dr. Jacquelilne Hobbs, PhD. entitled "Your Highest Vision of Yourself."   It made me stop and really think when she said:

"The quality of the vibration of love that emanates, touches everyone for generations."

Whoaa! What we say and do, what we feel as we live, is writing a script, and painting the backdrop for the play of our great grandchildrens' lives? 

If this is true, it is kind of like we are speaking to our great-grandchildren as we live our lives, and what we are being and doing is precious and important. This is how we will be remembered, and this is how our great grandchildren will live~ by the frequency we hold and by the decisions and actions done from that frequency.  Their way of life, the freedoms they enjoy, the possibilities for their lives will be the ones we have expressed, and safeguarded.

We stand upon the shoulders of those who have come before, and our great grandchildren will stand upon ours. If we are affecting our descendants and the world around us, then we need to pay attention to getting our lives into the love vibration! We need to pay attention to our impact on the Earth. Are we loving to it? Are we loving life? Are we loving each other? Are we doing what we LOVE to do? Are we free to do all these things?

One could perhaps infer... that no matter what we are doing, our actions, thoughts, words and emanations are touching Earth beyond time and space... forwards and backwards, in our human lineage. For me, this describes what a quantum reality makes possible: the world without the limitations of time and space. A world where all time is accessible and perhaps influencing this one time. I am not a physicist, but for me... it is where the vast infinitude weaves into1 the flesh and bone of our bodies, and the rocks, air and water of this Earth. At the tiniest levels of physical reality, there are no limits.

If we all realized that our world is in fact a quantum reality, then the rules would change overnight.

 All of a sudden, the world would become a place where your task was to fulfill your greatest dreams, by doing what lights you up! Where the standard for your daily activities was not... what needed to get done in order to make money and pay rent and buy food, but to fulfill your dreams.   Do what puts the sparkle in your eyes, a skip in your step and a song in your heart, because your frequency is impacting everything on the planet, and throughout all time.

For awhile, i made an actual list of things I love to do, like work in a greenhouse, ride horses, organize things. I didn't dare to write things like eradicate hunger, or save the planet from pollution and 5G! I was afraid to dream big and didn't realize my true potential. What do you love? What is your highest vision for your life? What do you see yourself doing if there were no limitations to what was possible?

"Dare to dream yourself doing what you love to do... what would make you feel happy every day upon waking. What would put color into your cheeks and light into your eyes? A fresh injection of your soul's wish, your deepest heartfelt desire to make a difference, if even only to your own self, that is more than enough."   -Oracle Girl, Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs, PhD.

Is it possible that our work as human beings is to do what lights us up, and the rest will take care of itself? The world will then form around us in support of the high frequency we are emanating? 

So many objections arise to this idea... "Life is hard" and,  "Who will put food on the table?" and "Who will pay the rent?" and "What can one person do?" We can all think of phrases like this, and they keep us towing the line, doing what needs to be done, staying small, coloring inside the lines. Thinking of our lives only in those terms, shrinks our energy, lowers our sights, and limits our potential.

When I am lit up with life, I feel excitement, optimism, energy in my chest, and a sense of being ready for what comes... poised for action, and eager to act. It is like the highest version of myself passionately bursts through into the doldrums of my habitual-self's life of sameness,  jumpstarting it to another level.

We all know how powerfully the world aligns with us when we are in the groove with life. When we are fulfilled, and fed in a deep inner place with joy, creativity, the goodness of life and work that is meaningful ... things just happen that lift us up... like, when you need something and it appears... your needs are met. This is the world forming around you, to meet your needs of the moment.

I remember a story that Eileen Caddy told in one of her books about the start of Findhorne, the community in Scotland that works closely with nature. It was early on, in the 1930's or 40's and they had no money. They needed some hay to mulch the barren and windswept garden. She described how an overloaded hay truck went around the bend too fast and some bales rolled off and landed by the road... the perfect amount for what they needed.

Or the time I was under a deadline to finish the illustration of a snake, and I was thumbing through snake books when I heard a shriek out on the porch where my young son and Olivia his babysitter were. I rushed out to see Olivia doing a dance like she wanted to levetate herself off the porch as she pointed to a small snake coming up through the porch boards in a corkscrew motion. I said "don't let it get away!" as I ran inside to get a clear box to put it in, so I could use it to model for the drawing I needed to finish.2.

No doubt you have experiences in your life that illustrate this... where life forms around you to meet the need. Where an old friend calls out of the blue with the information you need, or you sit next to someone on an airplane who offers you employment... Love is a key to accessing this level of cooperation throughout time and space.

Imagine communities and cities of people living like this... emanating the cohesion and peace that comes from everything in its  joyful and highest expression. I think the energy would feel kind of like the fullness and rightness of the forest, different in quality but with the same sense of completeness. Wouldn't that be amazing? People engaged in ways that make them happy to be alive... greeting eachother with real attention, appreciation and love. Abundant food, shelter, security, kindness and caring all present, as each of us do what fills our hearts with joy, and our souls with light and our world with creativity and kindness. 

When we are filled and full within our own innermost and highest desires a new possibility arrives in our lives and on Earth. It is closer now, our key to accessing it is the high vibration of love, our sense of possibility and the freedom we have to pursue our life's dreams. 

with Love,


With thanks to Jacqueline:  oraclegirl.org


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Where The Wisdom Lies a message from nature's small creatures.