Shedding The Old Makes Space For The New

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I found a snake skin today, it was grey, delicate, translucent, and the snake's open mouth was visible, almost frozen in time.  

It made me think about the shedding process we are in now… jobs, friends, family relationships, homes, health, identities, freedoms that we have always taken for granted and "normalcy" itself are being lost, left behind or "mandated" seemingly out of our reach.   

Like the snake shedding its skin, or the caterpillar that dissolves to become a butterfly…we too are becoming new beings in this shedding process.

Transitions can be uncomfortable.  If animals thought like we do, the caterpillar might think it was dying, and the snake might feel like it had an incurable disease!   

A snake doesn't give the skin it just shed a second thought.  I imagine that once it has ditched the old skin, it revels in its free movement.    

I can’t even imagine the ecstasy a butterfly might feel in flying freely after being captured in its prior slow and earthbound body .    

Like the snake’s final struggles out of its old skin, and like the newly emerged butterfly poised to fly for the first time, we have a new world awaiting us. 

Some say it is here already, kind of like the layers of an onion, hidden beneath what we can see and experience now. The new world we are actually living in now is at a higher frequency band than we had been in on Earth. The Earth's frequency has risen, and so new potentials are open to us now.

Our work is to reveal this new world by living at the frequency that it exists at. It is not physically formed, it needs us to give it voice, to write its music, to paint it, skulpt it, build its greenhouses, work places, efficient homes and schools. The new world needs us to educate our children to live in it, (and to teach them the emotional intelligence that what we never learned). 

The new world is formed of, is in, and created by love. 

Love is a material, an unseen energy that is present all around us, it is the unseen matrix of life.  This new world has way more love than we ever could have believed possible. So right now it may be an act of faith to believe that its true, and the beauty of it is, that as we act as though love is here as a foundation... love strengthens as we do this.  We just need to take a moment to notice love, and trust it enough to take the first steps, to get on with the work at hand. 

As we give love its new world structure, movement and light, it becomes more visible to all of us.  Dance it into reality! Dream it into being, what is your part in all this? To plant its seeds and communicate its potential to others? To translate its love language so others can see it? 

It is what we all came here to do.   

There is one thing we might want to be aware of however.

This new world is goverened by nature. Her blazing sun, and warming sunlight, rain, oceans, tidal and flowing waters, her winds, tornadoes and gentle breezes, her wildfires, campfires, candles and lightning, her forests, trees and plants, her earthquakes, mudslides and her fresh crisp mornings, blue bird days and her bitter cold, her animals, insects, bacteria and fungii... they will all have their say in this new world's design, structure and processes. 

We have forgotten that we too are part of nature and her design team! Our withdrawal from the natural world into cities and away from nature has isolated us from our body's source of life. We aren't, and never were separate from nature. 

Technology is a great boon when it is in support of natural biological systems, it cannot replace them. And current technologies and the corporations behind them are in service to themselves, not to humanity, the natural world, and a future that serves us all. Governments must entrain themselves with nature as well... supporting, not usurping local authority and the integrity of the natural world.

So we... men and women are at a crossroads. 

Our humble and magnificent work is to realize that we are part of this natural world, not apart from it.  We are embedded in nature, and ignoring nature as we go forward is at our peril. 

Let us build our new world with nature as our valued partner and friend, using love as our standard while taking our cues from her, learning her ways, rhythms and flows. 

We can use, implement and transform existing technologies so that they support and enhance our bodies, healthy biological functioning and nature's insects, birds and animals.  

We can support businesses, and companies that work for this great system and for life.

We can change how we grow our food, making it a local endeavor that respects the need we have for clean food, filled with nutrients and tended by us, so that it gives us precisely what we need nutritionally, so our bodies are healthy and strong. Green houses, and gardens, will be everywhere, as places to grow, gather and socialize. 

We can educate our children, to be self responsible, learning the skills to understand and communicate with nature, how to grow food and how to support and love each other.  

What if children learned how to handle their emotions better than we ever did? To feel them, let them naturally dissapate and so they can move on from the difficulties they encounter unencumbered by wounds and trauma? 

In this new world we are reavealing, we will have more time to spend alone and with each other, in healthy relationships based in love. This new world is built upon what we know innately is right: Kindness and non injury are standards for behavior. We know what is not right, and will no longer support or participate in it. 

Standing strong for a healthy new Earth, and human community is the work of our time.

We don’t have to know where it is all going, we just have to take the next step… and make choices, respectful of nature, supported by our own individual and local community's self-responsibility, and guided by our own inner source.  

In these times of transition let's cooperate, support and encourage each other. Shedding the old world can be a messy business!  Let's look forward now... towards the new Earth... the one we would want to live in and bequeath to our children, grandchildren and the next seven generations.

In Love, 


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