Let's Sort Our Thoughts

and embody our multi-dimensional selves

I have noticed low frequency thoughts of despondency and depression appear in my mind lately. Normally, I would never have such thoughts but these times aren't exactly normal.  There is so much active separation and attack being broadcast that  staying positive is more of a task than usual.  

Noticing my low frequency thoughts is the first step to rousting them out. Choosing a  thought more aligned with what I do want to see, feel and experience then becomes a sweet exercise in human creativity. I am finding the need to be more discerning, even exacting in what I let rest in my mind! 

When I  let any thought of lesser vibration slip through to become the cud I chew on  my frequency drops to meet it. I don't know about you but I can find myself in loops of thought, that leave me agitated, anxious and fearful.  

Yet, when I  say "no" to such thoughts and choose otherwise...  it makes a difference to  how I feel because my frequency lifts  and I then am in higher service to all humanity and this Earth. We are all in constant communication with the greater whole, we impact each other, the plants, animals, rocks and universe we live in because we naturally report where we are continually. Where never were separate from it all!

It really matters now. We collectively create the world we experience, and the future is being written by all of us today.  Populating our minds with purity, love and connection-aligned thoughts helps us to create what we DO want!

There is another important reason to do this... we are here to embody our higher multidimensional selves. 

So it makes sense that in order to do this we must shed those old traps of thought and frequency that keep us "only human and keep our thoughts to a level of purity that is a frequency match to our multidimensional embodiment."

This topic has been on my mind for awhile, so thought it worth asking my higher self, the part of me that can see so much more... to speak about sorting our thoughts and the embodiment of our multidimensional selves. 

"Dear One, In order to fully embody the higher multidimenional self, and this is the task of all humans here on earth at this time, a complete reordering is required.  

A reordering of the means and ways by which the human family organizes themselves. It requires a focus that is both internal and exernal simultaneously. To facilitate this higher self's embodiment there are ways that serve it and ways that don't .  

It seems that much of the human family now is solely focused outward, to the fear messages, the difficulties and the means by which a physical substance might harm them. If this were truly ordered, and in correct perception, the focus would be balanced by the understandng that the internal focus, the internal frequency and self identity as multidimensional would prove this pattern wrong.   For you see, it is as you like it. If you wish to be a subservient and at risk to the outer world, you may choose that route. It is a dead end however. 


If you wish an alternative way of being on this earth, it comes of this dual focus: inner and outer simultaneously.  As the higher dimensional self is free to embody the human form and thus serve as a frequency-maintaining device, it uplifts, informs and guides the human more completley, fully and in a sense with greater order, because the human form is part of the greater whole and thus part of the system of nature and life itself. *

So you are lead to where you need to go. You are part of the ongoing expansion and expression of life itself when this inner and outer focus is maintained. And so as part of this reason for looking inwardly, an awareness of thoughts as they come into the pool of the mind, is imperative. For those that serve to suck the focus outward, in fear, separation, depression, self destruction, despondency are not serving the greater good. They are in service to another master, that is here on this planet and seeking expression. 

So in summary, there is great value in sorting one's thoughts, as part of the entire path of interdimensional human embodiment, which is the next step in human evolution.

* Oracle Girl, Dr. jacqueline Hobbs has said that "your frequency determines your vulnerability."  www.oraclegirl.org

Here is my most recent painting an image of the Earth, filled with light and love and the higher order of humanity consciously embedded in nature's intelligence system: 

Sunflower Earth ~ A garden of Love, watered by our high frequency thoughts, words and deeds... 

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Love You!