The Sneetches



"did you get yours


Just curious if anyone else has been thinking about Dr. Suess' book The Sneetches ?

Couldn't resist sharing this ditty I call...

"Did you get yours yet?"

Are you a star bellied sneetch with the status therein?

To travel and  be educated without  chagrin?

Over hill and dale traveling to be like the rest,

May your journey bring to you all the best.

Some of us prefer to remain without stars,

and hope that all goes well for you who have "stars upon thars".

We love you no less for the star choice you've made,

and perhaps for us plain bellies... you'll do the same!

Humans we are... all one big family team,

Let's not forget the American dream.

One nation aligned to  humanity's gift of choice,

Let's find freedom, choose love, heal and rejoice!

All it takes is perspective to see the love that's between us,

to remember what  matters... and let go of  the fuss.

Let's let go of   division~ it creates so much strife,

and celebrate this time...  enjoy this precious life!

Our future is calling and asks for our decision,

what are we humans creating with our vision?

Let's choose love over fear... a magnificent healing,

that renders moot... stars on our bellies and all that we are fearing.

I see communion and  peace with the Earth in alignment

that is our choice and our challenge... and covid's assignment!

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