You Are Liberty Climbing The Ladder of Consciousness

We are each of us embodiments of Lady Liberty, let’s hold our torches high, to see clearly the way through these times on Earth. Our freedom to choose, our birthright as creators and our vision of the future will bring it forth into manifestation. 

Let us stand tall, connect with our own Source, anchor its wisdom, purity and perspective in our bodies. It is from our Source connection, that our thoughts, emotions, words and actions call forth the future that we all wish for. It is from our Source connection, that our frequency emanates healing, peace… love.Our every act of love, our every act of inclusion, our every gentle touch, and our every internal choice for peace is carried forth into the information field, where it uplifts and informs all humanity… it creates. 

Every choice we are making right now is creating the world we live in.We are the ones we have been waiting for! Our time is now. The curtain call is here. There is no longer a need to fit in, do what is expected, or what external forces would tell us to do. What is our inspired action? What is our chosen way of being? What thoughts will we choose to entertain? What visions of the future will we empower? What kind of world will we build for our children and grandchildren? What will they call us seven generations from now?

Lady Liberty offers you her permission (if you should need it), to carry her torch of Freedom. Imagine you are carrying her torch now, and she stands beside you as you move through your days. (Now there is an image for the grocery store aisle! Liberty blessing and seeding her Light into everyone you encounter.) Liberty is freeing you now, to be the Lightest, most connected, loving, joyful, free and inspired version of who you are. You and she are lighting the way for the enLIGHTened future to be birthed.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!