Be kind to Nature

In order for the natural world to be in harmony with its expressions, it requires of the individual expressions within it to be at harmony with themselves. 

The discord, the internal discord in the human family is one factor in the challenge of nature’s demonstrations, and extreme conditions at this time. Although there are many people in harmony and joy and uplifted perspective, the bulk of humans are in internal discord, separated from themselves as beings ingrained and part of the whole of nature and the environment. 

As one begins to realize the import of this, then there is an opening to receive the lost threads of connection: the pull of the ties of love for nature and the peaceful feeling of being in nature. 

So my dears, enjoy your days and find time to be in nature, find time to be quiet within yourself, at peace with your outer world. 

Enfold yourself in the natural world as part of it, as an integral piece of it, not to attain a goal… but to return to the true nature of who you are. As this is achieved, or received, then there is a peacefulness you feel being in your Earthly home, that is lost to you when you are feeling alone and separated from the natural world.

Thank you.  All is One may you be blessed.

I found this photo in some old photos I had taken in India. It spurred my sitting and opening up for the words to come.