Do Not Engage!

I got this yesterday, and was told it might be helpful to some to pass along…

It is a time of trial and confusion, as forces in turmoil are released for their fulfilled expression. They are not in service to healing at his time and so it is a good time to remain calm, peaceful, aligned and clear. This is done by just allowing the turmoil to wash over. Do not engage! 

This is a safety issue and it will be a forgiveness opportunity for many, and so as the world turns in her fulfilled matrix of confusion, conflagration and completion you may be certain that all is in order. All is ok. Trust the process of exhuming past wounds for expression, reflection and healing. Undo all that is in arched up~liftment in order to begin anew. Fresh, clean, understood – understanding it asks only to be true and clear and clean of heart- mind and spirit. That is all my dears, that is all.