Your Perspective Is Everything

Hold onto your heart-center’s perception of all in aligned harmony, working together for good.

Your time here is limited. Do what you can to align to the fullness of who you truly are.Your temptations to fall into fear, longing and emptiness are not to be allowed. You are necessarily in a process of undoing. Find your peace with it. Do not fight its tendrils.You will see a great value and benefit from holding Love in your heart and cultivating stillness, peacefulness and equanimity in the face of great change.Your choices are seemingly many, they would hold you to a fineness of character, refinement of potential and evenness in action. This means~ allow… be still… hold onto your heart center’s perception of all in aligned harmony, working together for good.Your perspective is everything.It holds the key. Seeing the Light in all beings brings forth healing Light as you well know.I wish for you to find the simplest stance.And that of course is where just ONE is all there is.And so perceive the union of Self and other in Self. As Self. (Not with the Self or to Self!) Only in this clarity of identity can the world be saved from further great disruption.I asked: “Does this mean consolidation of power and authority?”Yes, ~into the individual, away from the outer means and ways of human culture.And so we thank you and withdraw.